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Forced air pellet stoves

Technologies and Features

SUPERIOR pellet stoves feature high heat output to keep  your home comfortably warm plus all the
benefits of an ecological and cost-effective fuel. They are easy to use, programmable, clean, safe and offer a long burn time. Pellets are discharged automatically from the hopper into the grate to feed the flame. On and off times can be programmed (with automatic ignition) as well as the required temperature. And all in total safety.

1) Room fan
2) Rear cast iron finned heat exchanger
3) Front warm air outlet
4) Display control panel
5) Hand-made majolica
6) Thick steel firebox
7) Cast iron baffle plate
8) Cast iron brazier
9) Ash drawer
10) Door in cast iron
11) Ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C
12) Primary combustion air
13) Secondary combustion air
14) Airflow for clean glass
15) Smoke outflow
16) Smoke fan
17) Pellet feed motor

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