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Boiler pellet stoves with room ventilation

Technologies and Features

The SUPERIOR boiler pellet stoves can be installed as the main space heating system in the home or be connected to any conventional or underfloor heating system or integrated with a solar heating system to obtain considerable energy savings as well as a domestic hot water supply.

The special high-efficiency steel heat exchangers ensure excellent trasmission of  heat to the water circulating through the pipis and radiators in your home so that you can enjoy a pleasingly comfortable warmth.

The paratical and efficient SUPERIOR pellet stoves are fitted with an electronic card, which constantly monitors operation and so doing guarantees high levels of efficiency.

An automatic system of control and supervision ensure utmost operating safety and consequently peace of mind.

Pellet energy offers savings and welbeing while respecting the enviroment.

1) Steel boiler with flue gas pipes and heat
2) Flue gas flow
3) Standard expansion tank
4) Digital display
5) Majolica cladding
6) Steel firebox
7) Panel refractory material
8) Cast iron grate
9) Ash drawer
10) Cast iron door
11) Self-cleaning ceramic glass resistant up to 750°C
12) Primary air
13) Secondary air
14) Gas cleaning flow
15) Flue gas motor
16) Pellet hopper

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