Monia E

 Forced ventilation pellet stove
Cladding: enamelled steel  
Top: cast iron with majolica insert

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  • Bordeaux metallico
  • Grigio metallico
  • Bianco metallico

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Dimensions WxDxH cm: 54 x 49 x 99
Sealed stove firebox: steel
Baffle plate/Firebox and Brazier: cast iron
Combustion air inlet ø cm: 6
Exhaust fumes series ø 8 cm: rear
Exhaust fumes with optional kit: left
Door: cast iron opening with detachable handle
Ash drawer: removable
Ceramic glass: resistant up to 750°C
Door handle: enamelled steel
Hopper capacity Kg: 16
Remote control: optional
Humidifier: optional
Timer-thermostat with programming: daily, weekly, weekend modes with time period settings
Stove control unit: with digital controls
Remote Control System: optional
Eco function: standard
Energy Saving: standard
Night function: -
Room heating capacity (min-max) m3: 110 - 185
Nominal thermal output (min-max) kW: 2,5 - 6,4
Output control (positions): 4
Thermal efficiency (max) %: 91,2
Consumption at rated heat output (min-max) Kg/h: 0,5 - 1,4
Power consumption energy Watt: 320
Max. energy usage Watt: 41
Total weight Kg: 110

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